3 HAL Standard Range

The Regency Standard range is the perfect option for A to B transport, day trips, short competitions. The 3 HAL range offers ample room for taking 3 horses any where you go, as well as ample storage to accomadate for all of the horses! 

 With all the same safety inclusions as the 2 horse angle load float, the standard range features rock roller suspension, break away system, aluminium flooring and lined rubber walls. Contact us today to secure your new Regency 3 HAL Standard. 

Round 3 HAL Standard

Suited to horses under 16.2hh
$ 27,995
  • Roof lining
  • Large steel swing out tack box
  • Rug Racks
  • Plus More!

Square 3 HAL Standard

Suited to horses under 16.2hh
$ 29,495
  • Roof Lining
  • Rug Racks
  • Large Steel Swing Out Tack Box
  • Plus More!

Quality 3HAL Floats Available for Sale

If you are looking for a reliable 3 horse angle load float that are built to last, you will find them for sale right here at Regency Floats.

 We use reinforced H Block Interlocking Aluminium flooring as the base for every single warmblood horse float we supply, so no need to worry about wood rot no matter what type of harsh weather you experience in your area. To make it last even longer, we ensure the Aluminium floors are wax sealed to minimise corrosion.

All our floats within the standard range have comfort in mind, with single sheet of 18mm thick rubber laid on the Aluminium base acting as a sturdy anti-slip material for your horses’ hooves. Sealed tightly against the edges, it also forms a physical barrier keeping urine and grime away from the Aluminium floor.

Since safety is a priority for all of our floats, we do not leave anything to chance. Aside from the floor, we also install 8mm rubber sheet on the sides of our floats for extra insulation and padding. 

You will also find electric brakes and brake away system in all of our floats.

When it comes to safety, Regency Floats is committed to ensuring both equine and human safety regardless of how long or short your trips are going to be.


Why Choose a 3 Horse Angle Load?

 Due to their loading system, a 3HAL float allows you to transport more horses without requiring a bigger and wider trailer.

As horse owners we already know, most horses appear to favour an angled position while being transported, since it increases their balance capability. Having an angle load square front horse float will allow your horse to stand on their preferred angled stance, for the duration of the entire journey, improving their comfort and lowering their travelling anxiety.

If you are unsure as to whether you should be choosing an angle load float or a straight load float, get in touch with our team today.

Contact Regency Floats to secure your new float today!

Feel free to contact us on the phone at 02 4666 0202 or send us a message via email at info@regencyfloats.com.au to learn more about our standard range.