Australia’s Premier Range of Square Front Horse Camper Floats

Square front camper horse floats from Regency Floats are the home away from home for your horse. With a range of products available to meet budgets of all sizes, square front horse floats accommodate more space to fit a range of extra safety and living features. Our range not only is built to house a horse of any size, but they also have ample room to include living quarters, kitchen space, a double bed and more.

To learn more about our range of square front horse camper floats, contact the friendly team at Regency Floats today by calling 0438 980 595.

Why Select Your Square Front Camper from Regency Floats

Regency Floats has been a leading figure in the industry for over 40 years. Our consistently refining approach, paired with our experienced personnel and extensive range of products, leaves us as Australia’s most preferred provider of square front horse float campers. After all, an investment in a horse float is one you should feel confident with for many years into the future. This is why our team are committed to being experts with all of our products, available to answer any question you might have, ensuring you get the right solution for your needs. We provide the best for our customers, leaving us to be proud of our reputation for reliability, affordability, and high-quality end products, and enjoy long-term relationships with our satisfied customers.

Speak with the Regency Floats Team for More Information on Square Front Horse Camper Floats

If you would like to learn more about square front horse camper floats, or any other products we have, including our standard range, warmblood range, and camper range, please feel encouraged to contact a member of our friendly team here at Regency Floats. You can reach us by calling 0438 980 595, by sending an email through to, or by quickly leaving your information on our easy to complete online enquiry form found on our contact page. We will get back to you with everything you need as fast as we can.