Warmblood Horse Floats For Sale

Our Warmblood Float Range For Sale

Here at Regency Floats, we are proud to offer over 40 years of experience in helping you find the right design and model. Depending on your requirements we have a selection of different warmblood horse floats available for sale to choose from. The spacious bays are ideal for Warmbloods, Clydesdales and other larger horse breeds.

If you would like to learn more about our range of warmblood horse floats for sale, contact a member of our friendly team today by calling 0438 980 595.

All standard size Regency Floats have bays that are 2412mm long and are 3 point adjustable up to 700mm wide, with a roof height of 2155mm. Regency Warmblood Horse Floats are recommended for horses over 16.2hh, they have a roof height of 2225mm internally and bays that are 3 point adjustable to 85 cm wide.

Find Out More About Warmblood Horse Floats Today

If you’re interested in warmblood horse floats, or any of our other horse floats available, such as those in our standard range, camper range, or square front range, reach out to the friendly Regency Floats team today. Please enquire on 02 4666 0202 or send an email to info@regencyfloats.com.au and we will get back to you shortly.