Standard Range

Our Standard Float Range

Regency’s Standard Range contains the perfect floats for sale for day to day travelling, short trips and day competitions across Sydney, NSW and beyond. Regency’s Standard Range includes all of the modern day safety features, such as, Break Away Systems, Aluminium Flooring and Rock Roller Suspension. Along with an abundance of safety and living features, the sleek and stylish exterior designs are sure to turn heads at any competition ground.

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2 Horse Angle Load Floats

3 Horse Angle Loads Floats

4 Horse Angle Load Floats

Travel in Style with Our Luxury Horse Floats for Sale

Being an Equestrian family, our team at Regency Floats understands what it takes to create a safe and secure travelling experience for your horse(s). With all the modern safety features such as, Rock Roller Suspension, Break Away System and Aluminium Flooring fitted to every one of our floats you can put your mind at ease knowing your horse is safe and secure whilst travelling. Not only will your horse be safe, they will also be comfortable with fully padded heavy duty dividers, lined rubber flooring and walls as well as fully lined roof and ample ventalation. 

Horse floats for sale in NSW

Regency Floats started out as a company based in the United Kingdom for over 40 years. Today, Regency is still owned by the same family now based in Vineyard NSW, delivering all across Australia. 

Since the start, we have always focused on supplying equine lovers with quality Horse Floats. All of our 2 horse floats for sale are built using materials that are proven to last, which helps ensuring the safety and comfort of all horses travelling in them. You can be sure that any horse float you buy from Regency are not just reliable in build but was also made with your horses’ well-being in mind. Whether you are travelling within NSW or all over Australia, you can be sure that a new 3 horse angle float from Regency Floats will help make you and your horses’ journey smoother.

Why choose Regency

Our NSW team is ready to help you regarding any questions you have about our Horse Floats for sale. If you are unsure as to whether our floats will fit you and your horses’ needs, talk to us today and we can help you determine the right float for you. We take pride in our services and can provide assistance long after you have purchased your new Horse Float.

Should you ever require repair work or are experiencing issues with one of our floats, get in touch with us so we can help you rectify the problem. We also supply servicing and maintenance in our own workshop in Vineyard NSW.

We have served plenty of satisfied horse owners in NSW and around Australia, from the quality of the product to our customer service. We take pride in maintaining a consistent level of standard that we can be proud of all these years and we have no plans to change that at all.